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Pelotas sensoriales bicolor turquesa/amarillo

15,50  (VAT not included)

Trío de pelotas sensoriales

Pack de 3 pelotas sensoriales azul-amarillo despierta los sentidos del bebé mientras se divierte.
  • Desarrolla la destreza y la motricidad.
  • Hechas de plástico suave, ligero e higiénico.
  • Ideal para tener en casa o añadir a cualquier rincón sensorial 
Edad: A partir de 6 meses Medidas producto: 2xø8x1xø15cm

Cubo de manipulación

13,50  (VAT not included)

¡Un juguete de manipulación realmente curioso!

Un juguete en forma de caja de plástico con lados hechos de tiras elásticas de colores que en su interior hay 12 bolas de colores que hacen un ruido divertido.

  • Ideal para que  los más pequeños aprendan a empujar las bolas dentro de la caja a través del elástico de color y luego intenten sacarlas de nuevo.
  • Original e inusual juguete de manipulación basado en el aprendizaje a través de la experiencia.
  • De colores llamativos, atractivos y brillantes.

Pelotas sensoriales colores

25,90  (VAT not included)

¡Descubre un mundo lleno de reflejos!

Con estas 4 pelotas reflectantes de colores, que nos ofrecen una imagen con efecto "ojo de pez", los niños podrán experimentar al verse reflejados en ellas.
  • Esferas de diferentes tamaños:  6 - 8 -10 y 15 cm de diámetro.
  • Potencian el desarrollo sensorial, el juego libre y la imaginación.
  • Ligeras y de fácil manejo.
  • Se pueden utilizar tanto en el interior como en el exterior.
Edad recomendada: + 2 años.

Maxi rubber multisensory balls

25,99  (VAT not included)
A set of balls with different reliefs and colors allow them to be explored by the smallest hands. The surface

Montessori sensory ball

20,75  (VAT not included)

Sponge ball with 4 activities to stimulate vision, touch and hearing

A toy designed for the development of the little ones with four entertaining activities.

  • Rattles, squeaks, paper rustles and various grip possibilities can be explored.
  • With especially soft materials and different textures that invite the discovery of visual, tactile and auditory stimuli and favor cognitive development.
  • The easy-to-grasp features make the cuddly plush toy the ideal companion for babies and newborns.
  • Optimal size for baby's hands: 15 cm
  • Easy care: machine washable at 30 °C (86 °F)

Color mirror mystery balls

22,90  (VAT not included)

Sensory experimentation without limits!

6 sturdy, reflective mirror balls that have individual characteristics, so each one behaves differently (spinning, straight line, wobbling...) and also offer differentiated sound stimuli (shaking or rattling sounds).

  • In multiple colors: blue, green, gold, pink, silver and colorful.
  • With mirror surface that provides a distorted fisheye lens reflection that is fascinating to observe
  • A mysterious game, very attractive in terms of stimuli and easy to manipulate.
  • Encourages verbal inspiration for both children and adults.

Anti-stress ball

Sold out (VAT not included)

Relax soft ball!

Super pleasant to the touch, it incites to be pressed. By exerting pressure on it generates a feeling of relaxation or anti-stress effect. Therefore, it is a very interesting object to be used in treatments to control harmful habits (digital suction, onychophagia, etc.) as a compensatory element, distraction, relaxation, etc. to channel anxiety.

Cotton sensory ball – Montessori

10,57  (VAT not included)

With rattle inside, soft and with indentations that make it easy to grip!

A toy designed for the development of the little ones. A sweet, soft and squishy ball, ideal to awaken curiosity. It offers a series of visual, tactile and auditory stimuli that favor the cognitive and sensory development of the little ones.

Sensory balls textures – natural

24,75  (VAT not included)
This selection of five balls offers unique and varied sensory experiences thanks to the different natural materials chosen for each

Multisensory balls pack

37,05  (VAT not included)

Balls for all tastes!

A selection of 20 balls with a canvas bag for storage and transport.

  • different textures, colors, density and properties
  • Varied tactile and visual sensations
  • Different diameters

Mystery mirror balls

40,75  (VAT not included)

I'm fascinated by what these balls do!

A set of 6 shiny steel balls with reflective mirror provides a fascinating distorted image (fisheye lens).

  • Each of them reacts differently when thrown (spinning, straight line, wobbling, ...)
  • Offer differentiated sound stimuli.
  • Elements cool to the touch and robust but light are a mysterious stimulus easy to manipulate.
  • Allow sensory experimentation and attracts verbal inspiration to both children and adults.

Pelotas multisensoriales goma

19,90  (VAT not included)

Pack 6 pelotas de diferentes texturas

Un conjunto de bolas con relieves diferentes permiten ser exploradas por las manos más pequeñas. Las texturas de la superficie son divertidas de examinar y describir, pudiéndose utilizar de modo individual o como parte de una actividad de exploración sensorial más amplia, como por ejemplo integrando un rincón multisensorial.

Velvet balls

7,50 21,90  (VAT not included)

6 large velvet balls

Each one with a different relief, these 6 balls are an attractive stimulus for curious hands that want to explore. Their attractive colors together with their pleasant touch and soft consistency provide an extra stimulus to proprioceptive level.

Flash embossed balls

15,30  (VAT not included)

A very special luminous balls

Children of all ages love to play with the glowing balls that light up and flash when they are thrown and contact a surface.

  • They have an irregular surface, which makes them deflect at odd angles when they hit the ground.
  • Ideal elements to create a multisensory corner that captures the attention of both children and adults.
  • They favor the discovery of light and color, motor skills, hand-eye coordination, etc.

Sold in packs of 4 units in different colors according to availability. The dimension is 80 mm in diameter.

Luminous textured balls

15,90  (VAT not included)
The large textured sensory balls have a different surface finish for curious hands to explore. Children of all ages love

Sensory mirror balls

25,90  (VAT not included)

Look, I'll see you in the balls!

A set of 4 shiny steel balls with mirror effect reflect a fascinating distorted image (fisheye lens).

  • They provide a stretched and magnified image of the world, including your distorted face in the foreground.
  • They have a very pleasant touch thanks to their smooth and soft surface.
  • Cold to the touch and very light, they are an easy-to-manipulate stimulus that allow sensory experimentation and the vision of another reality
  • Encourage interest and discussion between children and adults.

Pearl colored ball

14,90  (VAT not included)
This large inflatable ball, with a soft and pleasant texture, contains thousands of colorful beads that shake and dance when

Multicolor star light ball

3,90  (VAT not included)
Attractive ball in the shape of a star with multiple points that activates its colored light when it contacts or

Extra soft ball

4,00  (VAT not included)

An extra soft ball

Light and fun ball made of soft and smooth material,which allows transporting it folded in a small space, ideal for massage or body relaxation, a variety of games in which the use of a ball, without risk of breaking anything,facilitates cooperation and participation of users, etc. Its peculiar way of inflation, by means of a cane, also allows us to enhance and manage the oral expiratory murmur in those cases that require respiratory work.

Moldable ball – anti-stress

3,50  (VAT not included)

Ideal for the control of harmful habits!

Nice ball of pleasant soft touch that encourages to be pressed. When pressure is exerted, it generates a relaxing sensation or anti-stress effect. Therefore, it is a very interesting object to be used in treatments to control harmful habits (digital suction, onychophagia, etc.) as a compensatory, distraction, relaxation, etc. element.

Massage balls

10,50  (VAT not included)
Set of 3 balls of various colors and diameters (7, 8 and 9 cm) containing soft spikes with rounded ends

The sensory balls are a backdrop for our class or multisensory corner. It allow us to have varied experiences as we touch and explore them with our hands, feet or any part of our body. Large, small, smooth, rough, soft, hard, light, heavy, with light, with flashes, with sound, mirror, etc. incite us to discover a wide range of experiences and sensations that encourage free and imaginative play and help favor tactile training, motor skills, hand-eye coordination,and much more. This material is a versatile and essential resource in any context that will allow you to perform multiple and varied activities with both children and adults.